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cpu shims. . .necessary? worth having? or what?

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Cpu shims are right for all kind of cooling with AMD Cpu, but for INTEL Cpu only if with Peltier or water cooled, absolutly not if air cooled.

Have a nice O/C.
DO NOT USE A SHIM! these things are bad, they will raise your cpu temps if it is made out of a metal. You need a heatresistent metal for thim to really work. Just be careful installing the hsf, especially the globalwins and gorbs. But a shim is a waste of money and hurts cooling.
My shim didnt hurt my temps one bit. Same temp with or without it and with it I didnt worry about breakin my chip.
From my own personal experience, they increase temps on Intel flip-chip socket 370 CPUs by at least one degree or so.
When I installed a shim on my first Duron, it actually led to me cracking the core, since it wasn't quite perfect(in the fit department). This led to temps very close to the ambient air. I no longer use a shim, and I haven't had a problem at all.
seem to be some different opinions. . .oh well, i probably should go ahead and buy one for my tbird. if there is in increase in heat i'll take it off. i really dont want to take any chances. are the all the same?
If your going to get one I would suggest getting one of the none conductive ones. I've seen many posts where people have shorted out there chips with the copper ones.