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CPU Temp (new to overclocking)

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I just got a celeron 466 and I'm overclocking it to 584 mhz. I downloaded sandrasoft and it says my cpu temp is 112 degree C. On my bios it says that the cpu temp is 29 degrees C. I'm a bit confused here. everything on my system feels cool to the touch. some of the other voltage numbers on sandra seem way off from what the bios says to.

I'm using a alpha heatsink on a bx 6 rev. 2 motherboard. I have 768 megs of pc 133 ecc sdram and a viper 550 16 meg video card. I also have another old cpu fan on my viper. Im new to overclocking so any suggestions are welcome. Stability is decent but I would like it to improve. 525 is rock solid and i know the computer has more to offer.

I have the voltage set to 2.05 for the celeron and the bus speed set at 83

Well Sandra is deffinatly wrong as smoke would be pooring out of your case if it was right. 100C is the boiling point of water. Your bios temps sound about right for having an alpha on it. Your voltage seems a bit higher than it should be. I have heard of people killing cellies running the volatage too high. I consider 1.9 to be safe, any higher is a bit sketchy. Basically it comes down to whether you can afford the risk or not and if you think the performance difference is worht it.
thanks for the info

the celeron 466 is one of the old chips and as it looks from the oc charts, most people are running them between 2-2.2 v stable. I know the celeron 2's run at a much lower voltage.

the default setting on my motherboard is 2 v but the celeron seems to run more stable at 2.05 so far. I dont plan on pushing it any farther. i ran my celeron 400 at 2 v for about a year and had no problems with a factory fan.

if you think it will boot with a lower voltage i'll try it.
Agreed on that. Sandra gave me 18 C when my mobo was 24 C and I was under full load. I wish.
sweet thanks. i'll give mbm a try. The system has been running fine for the past 5 hours or so at 584 so hopefully i can keep it there.
no luck with mbm either it says im running at 109 degrees C and the motherboard and everything else is cold and the bios still says 29 degrees C for the processor. i've had it overclocked for the past week and it hasn't blown up so i think i'm going to stop worrying about temps. my alpha heatsink can worry about it.
I know on my mobo there are different sensors. Maybe you have to "find" the right one. MBM5 gives me about 10 options for temp sensors, but only 2 are accurate. I have the Asus iPanel now, so I use that.