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CPU temp variation during load

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New Member
May 28, 2001
I have an ABIT BX-133 running a 700Mhz Pentium !!! at 940Mhz and a stock Golden Orb cooler. I am using motherboard Monitor to watch the temp during load conditions. I am using the exceed performance tuner to put a load on the CPU. Nothing fancy just a short load condition. I am seeing the temp go from 29 C to 43 C as this test is applied. As soon as it stops the CPU will cool down to 32 C. The test runs for 2 or 3 minutes. This temp spike seems a bit excessive to me. Everything is stable, no programs are complaining just the temp is like a roller coaster.

Is this normal? Would using a good thermal grease help this situation? Is this normal for a golden Orb? Just curious.
Is your CPU a Slot CPU or a Socket CPU? If its a socket CPU, the golden orb isnt' that great of cooler. 43 C is rather high for a Intel chip i think, but not dangerously high. Are you using thermal paste at all? If your not u might at least want to use some, even if its not high quality stuff like Arctic Silver. Also, do you have decent case cooling? what is your case temperature?
It's a socket 370 chip. I am not measuring the case temp but I don't believe it is over 31 becuase that is where the CPU temp has settled at while coasting. It is a pretty large case with an additional fan in the front to suck in air and let the exaust work more efficiently. My main concern was the rapid rise and fall of the temp as load was applied and removed.