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CPU Temp?

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New Member
Jan 21, 2001
Can someone tell me if my CPU temp is to High..Ima New at Overclocking and need some input....
P3 667@750 (150MHz 1/4)
CPU Temp 31c / 86 f
Sytstem Temp 30c / 86 f
CPU Fan Speed 5160rpm

Your fine. Don't even be concerned unless temps are well over 40c. with your Inter chip and a mild overclocking. Normal for AMD chips is even hotter.

Keep in mind though that the further you push the Mhz of your chip, the cooler it will need to be. My system runs fine at 15c but is very unstable when temps get to 25c. Normally the computer will give you plenty of indications ( mine likes to spontaneously re-boot ) if you are trying to push too far.
Reddywing Thanks for the info. :cool:
Do you know how i can overclock my Geforce 32 meg DDR ?