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cpu temp

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New Member
Mar 9, 2002
im a new at oc
i ve run sandra burn in less the drive test to try & push the cpu to see what temp the cpu comes up to well after 10 loops it never got above 50c my question is where do you start worring about the temp at

my system is
P4 1.8a (northwood)
abit th7II raid not running raid
512 rdram pc800
gf 2 ultra 64meg
2 40+gig ata100 hd
full tower

cooling is
both hd has small dual fan coolers
1 80 intake fan
2 80 exhaust fans
1 5 1/4 bay 3 small fans ( like hd cooler but no hd in it )
400 watt ps with dual fans
standard cpu heat sink & fan came in box

Thanks for ur input

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I don't have a P4. AMD specifies that anything above 50C will make their CPUs unstable, and anything above 80C (I think) will damage them. As for Intel, I don't know, but below 50C should always be your goal of course. I guess one way to tell would be if your thermal speed throttling starts slowing you down, but we all know that's not a good choice for a thermometer!

With good cooling I can't see your CPU getting above 40C. My Athlon 1400/266 with an Alpha 8045 and 50CFM Sunon fan doesn't get above 38-39C at 1.80v core. The .13u P4 is pretty close to amazing with it's low power consumption so I can't see you ever getting above 40C with a good HSF and case ventilation.