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CPU temps with Asus PC Probe or similiar progs...

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Jun 6, 2001
I know that the temperatures aren't too accurate in Asus PC Probe or similar monitoring software but I don't have a temperature probe and don't think I'll be installing one anytime soon. So I'm just wondering what kind of temps other people are getting from their monitoring software in order to do a little comparison to mine and try to figure out what an optimum temp would be... once again any help is appreciated :)
I use ViaHM which comes with the Abit KT7A-Raid and appears to be fairly accurate. I do not however believe that telling you the tempratres mine displays would help you make a comparison.

Have you tried other monitoring software such as mbm ?
Heh, I realized last night after posting that my comparison probably didn't work as the different motherboard/chipset/bios combos would probably all give out pretty varied results compared to mine... if there's anyone out there with an Asus A7V133 with any sort of overclocked chip I'd still be interested in knowing what kind of temps you get out of PC Probe not for comparison but just purely out of interest as I know cooling plays a big factor as well as default CPU speeds and how far the CPU has been overclocked. Also, any suggestions as to what software might measure the temp a little more accurately.... at the moment I'm not prepared to install a temp probe, i'll eventually have to I figure but for right now I'm stuck with software :p
I have the a7a266 was reading upper 40's then updated bios now running upper 50's don't believe the actual temp went up just the reading .the heatsink barely gets warm .Iupdated the probe , nothing changed,I ordered the golden gate but it hasn't arrived yet hope this helps
wow ocwanabe, maybe thats what mine was, i updated my bios and damn near crapped my slacks when i saw that i was getting upper 50's from somewhere around 45c. i hope to god that's it, i was calling every computer place this morning and NOBODY in my even remote area sells thermal paste. i appreciate you mentioning that.
btw.... i have the asus a7a266 too. did you go from 1003b to 1004?? cause thats what mine was, i'm sure. id appreciate you letting me know.
I have the asus a7a266 also and flashed the bios to 1004. I had a coolermaster HSF and saw my temp was up to the high 50's & low 60's C. I couldn't stand that so I bought the Globalwin Copper heatsink and articsilver II. And would you believe no change at all?????? I finally said F' it. This was driving me crazy. I never thought about flashing back. I'll try that.

1400 TBird @ 1500. Whimped out on oc'ing more because of temp.
Man, I am sooo glad to see others with this prob, (well not GlAd), but I was freaking out. I installed a basic water system and still in the 58c range. [I was 10 higher b4 the water cooling]
Now an honest question from a NewB to o'clocking, but not cpu "labor" :)
What will the Arctic Silver do for me in relation to temp drops, 1,2,3 maybe?

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