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CPU temps

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New Member
Feb 12, 2001
I am just new to this Athlon Thunderbird thing but i got a Epox8KTA3 Motherboard which runs real well, i am running a 900 TB, a V770 32mb TNT2 ultra My Cmos says my CPU temp is 105-110. I have a big Heatsink and a nice size fan, plus a fan on the back pushing outside air into the case.

How do i get it cooler? or is 110 degrees ok
First of all, flip that case fan around and blow case air OUT. As for the CPU, it really shouldn't run that hot. My Thunderbird 700@950 runs at 32-34c(89F-93F) at full load running Seti@home. The heatsink and fan make a big difference in cooling. My suggestion is your CPU temp bothers you you could probably get a GlobalWin FOP 38 from www.2cooltek.com Another Heatsink/Fan combe that I have found that works is the CoolerMaster DP5-6H11. Although its not as good as the FOP38. It still keeps the cpu cool. On my exact same setup with the coolermaster I was getting temps of 36c-39c (96F-102F). In other words, not very good.
One last thing, the fan on the GlobalWin FOP38 is pretty noisy. So if you don't like really noisy fans, you may want to get something else.