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CPU Temps

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Mar 25, 2001
I just set up a watercooling setup yesterday and wanted to see if you guys think my temps are okay. Here's what I have :

P3 600e@852mhz, 1.65V
Dangerden cooling cube
Eheim 1046 inline pump
Be-Cooling waterblock
90% water, 10% glycol based coolant

3/8 tubing all around starting from eheim pump to rad to block back to pump.

With retail hs&f, temps were at 45C, full load. With watercooling, temps dropped to 38C. Ambient is 26C, mbd temp 32C.

Do these temps sound about right or should they be lower?
The temp seems a litle high for water cooling I do better then that with air. What are you using to monitor temps not all of the apps r calculated right for the sensor on every mobo.
They sound high to me too. What kind of HSF were you using before? 45C is very hot for any decent kind of HSF. Were you using thermal grease? Those temps sound like thermal pad temps, (i.e. to high in other words). What does your system board run at? Do you have any case cooling fans running? What is the temp in the environment the computer is running in? And, like the last post asked, how are you measuring these temps? I am getting 27C with a Duron 700 pushed to 910 with a FSB clock of 130 only. I have not even unlocked the multiplier yet, and an using a stock HSF rated for a 1.2 T-bird and a liberal application of Radio Shack thermal grease. My system board, however, runs 30C, as I only have one case fan besides the one in the power supply. I am using an Abit KT7A that measures temps using onboard probes, so I feel confident the temps are measured accurately.

I'm using an Asus Cusl2-C. Temps are monitored with the Asus probe program, latest version d/l'ed off their website and mbm5. Both report the same temps before and after I flashed the Bios.


They sound high to me too. What kind of HSF were you using before? 45C is very hot for any decent kind of HSF. Were you using thermal grease?

45C was with the stock Intel HS&F with Artic Silver grease. Case is a generic clone of the Inwin Q500a full tower with 1 80mm exhaust fan, 1 120mm panaflo exhaust fan for the radiator and another 80mm fan for intake. Also a nidec gamma blowing on the vid card. There's plenty of air movement in the case and air exiting is usually not warm at all.

Ambient temp is usually in the low to mid 20's.

Looks like your Duron is running very cool. I think I will add some water wetter and reseat my water block once again.

Thanks for the input.

Update : With rc5 turned off, mbm5 reports 32C cpu temp, 30C mobo temp. 25.7C at Radiator and 24C ambient. With RC5 on, temp goes up to 36C. Sound more normal or still too high? Any ideas?
Fazz: Just for comparison I also have a Asus CUSL2-C with a 866eb pushed to a 160 FSB and under full load I see a max of 30C reported by asus probe and it matches what is reported in bios. For cooling I am using a hedgehog with a 25cfm fan sucking and 2 extra 80mm case fans. Room temp is 18C. You should be getting better results with water check the setup carefully
I have a Tbird 1.2G monitored by Digital Doc 5 and through VIA hardware monitoring on my KT7-RAID. My CPU runs at 40C at idle, which seems a little to warm to me. HSF is FOP-38 and used Artic Silver on slug. Thin coat.
Either of you with the hot running systems lap your heatsinks? I failed to say that I did on mine, but I did not touch the chip itself. I also put enough grease on it that when I seated the HS, it pushed most of the grease out, thus surrounding the chip and making contact between the HS and the board the proc is on itself. One more thing, I keep my house very cool, between 17-20C, thus i am not fighting myself in the heat arena. Of course, when summer gets here, it will probably be a different story.