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CPU Usage

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Feb 7, 2002
Maybe I didn't notice before, but I just looked at system monitor and I am constantly running at 50%, give or take 10% here and there. I just upgraded to a 1700+ and I was wondering if this is just the way it is with these chips. I even reinstalled to see. Still does it with a fresh install. I'd appreciate anyone posting just to let me know if this is normal. Thank you.
mine is 1-2% (idle)
it is probally some program or somthing that is using that 40% or so, what windowz do u have? i assume XP so under start go to run and type msconfig then go to startup and uncheck programs that u dont want to load at startup, reboot, and then CTR-ALT-DEL after fresh start up and under processes is anything usig the spu alot? if so is it a windows problem or a program like Kazaa?
I guess it would help if I posted what os I use. hehe. Windows ME. And before I get flamed, I like it. (until now) I never had any trouble with it. Simple.. easy to use.. No bs copywrite protection (And I do buy my os's.. just hate the hoops they make you jump through with xp). But here is my msconfig. Anything look funny? That is a brand new install tonight with mbm installed and winzip.
every thing looks fine, cpu usage still high? the only thing i would do is disable system restore, unless u really count on it
I read about everything there. I rebooted. I started system monitor up and it was reading bout 5%. I opened up internet explorer and went here, then closed it back up and sys monitor sits on bout 30% steady with nothing else running. I even disabled my sound card to check. Is this normal to sit at 30% after doing something?

Ok.. now this is wierd. While I was typing this, I looked at the system monitor and when I hold down shift, it goes from 30 to 20%. When I let the shift key up, it goes back to 30. I swear. Freaky.

Edit: When I move the mouse around, it goes to 0-5%. When I stop, it goes back to 30.

Edit again: AHA!! I found it. It be a bug. linky Now all I gotta do is find out how to really read my cpu usage.
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w/ Win9x I'm getting same usage as u about 60% even... But it doesn't seem to affect my folding power, so I guees its really doesn't use the CPU very effectively. WinXP keeps my Duron idle at 0-4%