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cpu-z says single channel and shouldnt

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Nov 5, 2002
i have 2 sticks of ram in slot 1 and 3 i have also tried the slot not sure if it is1 or 3 but the one that is by itself and slot 2 both times cpu-z says i am in single channel but it reports 512 MB of ram do you have to enable dual channle or is it a flaw in cpu-z


Dec 24, 2001
id say its a flaw.
go update the new bios also.its the rev1.2 now i think for the rev2 mobo.they should have picked differant numbers for these bios's as its getting confusing with the mobo rev.

but anyhow the new bios will say dual channel enabled on the bios post screen when you boot.


Dec 24, 2001

check that out. NF7 / NF7-M / NF7-S (Need BIOS 1.3 or later)

now i just flashed 1.2 last night. and never saw mention of 1.3
and if you look at here http://fae.abit.com.tw/eng/download/bios/nf7-s2.htm

no 1.3 is mentioned.
if you click the 1.3 link in the first it does d/l a 1.3 bios.
odd and confusing also.i expanded it and it reads 1.3 also but im kinda afraid to try it as if they might have made a mistake it might botch my bios.

at least get the 1.2 bios tho.try the 1.3 if ya feel lucky i might flash it anyhow.

DONT FLASH THAT 1.3!!!!!!!!!!!! its a rev1.2 mobo bios im almost sure as the rev2 mobo bios's contain the "d" in the file name.

woooooo i almost wet my pants when it finally hit me what was going on.