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Oct 12, 2002
San Diego
I installed this program and it asks for ppl or something to get the frequency, but it says it could permently damage hardware..Is this program safe to use just to try a little bumping of the fsb..? Anyone have any success/failures with the software..?

You need to bump it up 1 FSB point at a time to make sure your system is stable at higher settings. I recommend running a benchmark loop in order to determine where your safe settings are.

The most damage you'll see is data corruption in your hard drive, heat damage on the CPU from poor cooling, or dead memory (memory not capable of going that speed).
Most overclocking has the potential to damage your hardware, but if you take your time and do small increments like Capt. Slug suggests, you should be fine.

You can find the pll code written on the clock generator IC on your motherboard. Its not hard to identify. Just use the search function on terms "cpufsb" or "softfsb" and you will find posts with pictures of what to look for.
usually its a small ic chip located near the cpu, right next to the crystal wich controls clock requencies (litlle, tin, ovular case)