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Cracked Duron

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Puer Aeternus

Sep 23, 2001
In your head (Ottawa.Canada)
Hey all, I just tested out my Duron 750 on 2 boards and there is no boot up..no post...no nothing..so I assume she is gone to the Overclocking Graveyard. Now Just to be certain...How can one tell?
The only cause of her death would be that nasty ol' mini super orb fan and my inexperince. I had a heck of a time getting the fan off.....so much so that I chipped a piece of the socket where the fan clips on. So how does one know if the chip is cracked...aside from not working of course;)
Use a magnifying glass and check the core. If you see inside the core, then you shipped it. You wouldn't happen to use AS on there would you? If ya did a messy job it could have went all over the bridges :D
I am still pretty inexperienced so bear w/ me.....The bridges are near the top of the cpu correct? it says L1 L2 L3 L4...if so than there is no gunk on them...clean, However the silver things surrounding the core are pretty gunky...I assume that is okay..what is the correct way to clean the chip off...is alcohol okay(alcohol wipes?)
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Big ol nasty chip on the core...top right side of the core has a piece chipped off the corner.
Guess it is solved then....time to offer this chip on the Alter to the God of OverClocking...does the O/C God accept cracked chips?
I wouldn't necessicarily toss that chip just yet, it may run fine stock or underclocked. If it does then you've got yourself a good emergency chip. Try it out and see if it works. It's worked for others.
It happens... I have one TBird 800 which has a slight chip on the side... you will see that using magnifying glass... but it does not work either...
If you can gain access to a micorscope you can place the Cpu under it and go in for a closer look. I used 150X magnification to check the unlock on my Cpu. and it was close enough. Don't try to go any closer. You will not be able to tell what you are looking at.... Put it this way the L on the chip for the L1 bridge barley fit the view. If you can see metal then KIAGB. "kiss its a$$ good by"
In the worst-case scenario, there is someone in the classifieds looking to buy fried AMD chips. If you have 100 posts, you can find him. Post what you know. Ask what you don't. And get rid of the toasted chip for at least a couple dollars. Good luck.
If nothing works like stock speed or underclocking, and u don't feel like selling it, u always can try and make a nice keychain outta it. Many guys here do it.
Sorry to hear about your loss.LOL But it sounds like you have a new keychain on your hands.
Thats a great idea. My friend works with computers as a technician and he is always throwing away computers and obsolete parts. I just might have to get an AMD keychain.:D
Hey all, A key chain huh....I was thinking of a badge or framing it and putting a title..."Crack Kills"!

i bought a Duron 1000mhz chip for my ecs board...it works fine and I installed her no prob. I loved the experience of learning how to instal a fan and cpu on my own...but I am going to leave them alone for a while lest I break another chip....one keychain is enough;)
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Keychaining isn't as easy as it sounds. I tried to get a machineist friend to put a hole in a chip for a keychain and all he could do is score the surface a bit and screw up several industrial grade bits. Save those chips and give them to NASA, they can use them a shielding materials for the international space station, they're impact resistant enough.
Why drill? Just put a keyring on there and bend a few pins over it. Sodder it for security if you like!