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Crazy things happening to my RAM!!

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Sep 8, 2001
In the Dark!!
Does nothing seem to make sense anymore? I have had so much trouble trying to overclock my fsb on an Asus A7V333raid scince getting my new 2200+ see: here and here that i kind of gave up and opted to buy some new memory when i could affoed it. Thought i might try and take the memory back to the shop and insist it wasn't working properly, but not being sure it was I decided to create a fault of my own. No visable signs of course (they would notice that to easily) so i opted for a more subtle method - sticking it to the MAGNET on one of my 18"bass speakers (were talking serious amounts of magnatism here - 109oz) Leaving it attached for about 20 minutes i thought thats got to be doing something! straight to shop i goes, ques up for half an hour, explains to the man behind the desk, that im getting errors, cant post wont go to 166fsb (its pc2700 by the way) etc. He runs some program called 'heavy load' or something like that, then comes back and tells me theres nothing wrong with it!! Not only that but when i get back home and stick it the machine it now runs @183fsb stable!! Bloody crazy thats all i got to say!!!


here's a little benchie to show:
Hehe, i love this samsung ram, i have the same stuff (but 512mb) and am running 181MHz fsb easily with semi-agressive ram timings, vdimm is only at 1.65 too (default is 1.55) so there is even more potential to go higher.

i got xp2200 as well, what sort of overclock are you getting? I'm having a lot of trouble breaking the 2ghz mark.
Stumpjumper5200 said:

Hmmm.....lets see if I can use that to speed up my HD!

accually it wont hurt your HD .... My friend and I were trying to format this old HD and it wasent happening so we took a bulk tape eraser (eletro magnets) and zapped it for about 30sec and put it back in the comp , everything was still there and was still loading windows ! So we tried it again for like a minute . All the data was still there !
that isnt how hard drives work i dontthink... but i would prolly mess up the magnet that holds the reader up i fyou ahgve a strong enough magnet... ut those are STRONG:D :eh?: :D