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Creating a 3.5 Female to 2.5 Male audio jack for pc mic with xbox controller

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Mar 15, 2009
London, Croydon
First of all, I posted this on an xbox 360 forum and got no response, so I figured I could rely on you guys to come up with some sort of idea, and secondly, I'm not sure if this is the right topic for it.

Ok, so basically, every single time I buy a mic, M$ screws me over, so, I have come to the conclusion, that I am going to use my own mic, in a turtle beach x1 kinda way, (aside from the dodgy wiring).

Here is my headset:


Note that it is obviously a pc mic, and therefore has the red and green 3.5 male jacks, for speaking and listening, respectively.

I know that there are ready made adapters around, such as these:
live headset adapter, Video Games, Computing items at low prices on eBay.co.uk
But I REFUSE to pay for them, and wait ages for them to arrive.. Plus, I want a challenge, and to do something constructive.

I have been using a dodgy 3rd party mic, that I got with a controller from a friend, and it is terrible.. it never works and is just a total failure...

New LIVE HEADSET + MIC For XBOX 360 WIRELESS CONTROLLER on eBay (end time 31-Dec-09 17:25:43 GMT)

That is not the exact mic, but is the closest I could find. You get the idea.

NOW, for my proposed idea.

I have cut the male pin with around 2 inches of wire, from my 3rd party headset, (the bit that plugs into the controller).

I have found a 3.5 FEMALE jack, (the part your ipod headphones plug into).

As you can see, its from a Sony Ericsson headset adapter, I have also cut this with around 2 inches of wire to spare, and I have removed the plastic casing, to provide me with a clearer picture.

NOW, this is where I am stuck.

From the 2.5 male (from the xbox mic) I have 4 wires.

1x RED

and from the Sony Ericsson adapter I have 5 wires.


I gather from the black and white wires, that they are unneeded, because they are most likely for the handsfree function on the SE Headset.

But what about the others? how do I connect them?

EDIT: BTW I also have loads of 3.5 splitters (1x 3.5 Male - 2x 3.5 female) that I can use if necessary, and I know the PC headset has two 3.5 male jacks, but I plan for the green one (the hearing one) to go into the tv, and I will set my xbox to play chat though my tv's speakers, and therefore the headset, along with the game sounds.

The red one will be the one going into the controller/adapter.


If you need any other pictures, as you don't understand my erratic thinking, then feel free to ask. ( I will take some when my mum finds her camera, or starts looking for it..)