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Creative Annihilator 2 GTS

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Jul 24, 2001
I'm about to acquire a used cl geforce 2 gts via trade. I was wondering how high this baby overclocks with the default heatsink/fan. Thanks.
It will overclock well, but to say how high/low is impossible. Generally 10% performance gain with DDR memory.

This is going to sound pad, because it is in this case, but you will need to walk the memory up slowly, until you get visual corruption. Then do the same with the core speed.
I hope your Annihilator 2 comes with RAM sinks. Mine didn't and that will hinder your RAM overclockability massively. Buy some sinks for that RAM or get some old ones off an old vid card you don't use anymore. Any little bit helps. By the way, watch those temps on that card. Creative's line of vid cards run MUCH hotter then any other counterpart. Trust me, I know.