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Crucial DDR 2100 or Kingston DDR 2100

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Feb 26, 2002
my question is what is better Crucial DDR 2100 cas 2.5
or Kingston DDR 2100 cas 2.5

i have only this options
what is better for overclock and what memory is better for more fsb crucial 2100 drr or kingston 2100 ddr

i buy trancend DDR and really sucks i cant more 140fsb..restart pc many times.

Perhaps, Corsair PC2400 or Kingmax 2700 would be a better pick.

But out of those two, the Crucial would be a better pick.

yeh, i've used kingston VALUE ddr before i know its the VALUE, being a real generic performer, but SHHHHHOOOT, this sucker wouldn't do ANY OVERCLOCKING AT ALL... but like i said its the value, but just my expierience w/ kingston... :D
Crucial is the best for o/c since it can go pretty high without increasing its voltage (meaning more heat :) ).
I have a stick of Kingston DDR (256MB). I have been able to overclock my FSB from 133 to 150. Can't go higher though without tinkering a bit more. Haven't increased voltage because I don't have jack for cooling equipment.
crucial memory at 150 stable, just did it to test. works perfectly. multiplier at norm.
try and get some 2700 corsair or sumthin
out of those 2, crucial would be better. mine
is at cas2 and most agressive settings.