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Crucial DDR and KA266-R

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New Member
Apr 21, 2001
I've got 2x256MB DDR2100 DIMMS from Crucial, and I cannot get it to work with my KA266-R motherboard. Is it possible this memory may not work in certain motherboards?
The motherboard and CPU are new too, but just this morning I bought a Duron 750 so that I could test to see if that was the problem, but it's not. If it's not the Memory, then I guess it'd have to be the Motherboard.

Not a lot of settings on this motherboard, but does anyone have any suggestions? Would be greatly appriciated.

HAY !!!!!!!!!!!! ITS THE MOTHERBOARD !!!

I had THE same PROBLEM with KA266 R . I had 2 x 128 MB PC2100 DDR RAM and when I installed them TOGETHER they WOULD NOT work. One RAM at the time worked PERFECTLY..... I tried EVERYTHING from updading BIOS, to increasing RAM voltage you name it , could not get it to work. You ask How and If I fixed it ????? . I SOLD Iwill KA266 R and bought myself a ASUS A7A266. NO such problems. SORRY IWILL..... maybe next time

By the way I had SAMSUNG chip DDR PC2100 ram.

I contacted Iwill Tech rep. and they COULD not help me, so I sold it. Good board for overclocking though .
I had the same problem with my mobo a ka-266-r

nothing registered

thought I fried the cpu

I got pissed at it a kicked the memory

welp I tryed it one last time and beeep

up comes the bios

make sure the memory is in REALY REALY good even if the clips snaped in right
It won't work for you anyway. No matter how Hard you will push in the RAM, that is not the problem. You see. I had 2 x 128 pc2100 . However In my case I could Boot the PC. Windows worked, but every time I tried to play Games, my PC would crush.....

I don't know what is the problem with Iwill KA266 r. I saw people that had more than 1 stick of DDR ram and their system worked. I could not get mine to work, no matter How HARD, and How many times I installed my ram.
Well, desperate enough, I really pushed the hell out of it, in hopes it just wasn't seated properly. No luck... Anyone happen to have a pic that shows properly seated memory. It snaps in by itself with some work, but looks like too much of the contacts are showing. Yet I cannot get it to go in anymore.

*get's out the hammer*
So what's your recommendation? Return it for another? Or get a different motherboard? My biggest reason for getting this MB was that it has built in RAID and DDR, as I do not want to use my old FastTrak66 IDE RAID card.
Or maybe sell one of your DDR sticks and run only 1 x 256 mb PC2100 . With one stick it should work without problems. As for the RAM, you probably pushed it as much as you can, so leave it alone. It is probably correctly installed. This is Motherboard problem. Try to contact Iwill, tell them your problem , what kind of RAM you use. Lets see what they say.
sorry to hear your troubles, mine works just fine with 2 stix of crucial pc2100- I upped the mem voltage to 2.6 and had to realyy push those suckers in there- it took 10 min of seating and reseating the memory until I got a beep, but once it got up and running no problems since, also, update to the 4/16/01 bios- It couldnt hurt
Actually, the issue had nothing to do with the memory. It was an odd issue, when you shutdown it doesn't always come back up when you turn it on, unless you then hold in the reset switch for a few seconds. This is why I couldn't figure it out, because I did not have the reset switch hooked up at the time. It appears this issue only comes up when making changes to the cpu modifier, bus speed, etc.

Thanks for the pointers though, guys. If anyone is having the same troubles I was, try the RESET SWITCH -- lol!
I had the same problems and non-problems as everyone else:

1) nothing wrong with the KA266R, I've got 2-128 Crucial PC2100 and
works great .... with limited querks
2) Querk #1: had the same rebooting problem, sometimes it takes a few
tries, but always comes back
3) Querk #2: had the same seating problem, thought my mobo or CPU
was fired, but my memory was just not seated ... it takes some pushing
to get it in (I call'em sweatheart ... just like my wife)
4) Querk #3: Make sure you installing in Dimm 0 and 1, not 2 and 1. My
first try assumed the slots were going Rt -> Lt and not Lt -> Rt. User
errors are the source of 99% of problems.