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Crucial PC133 on ASUS A7V133

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Feb 7, 2001
This may not be a problem but wondering if anyone has experienced the following...

x2 128Mb Crucial PC133 CL2 on ASUS A7V133. When allowing SPD to auto detect memory timing in the BIOS it will detect CL 3 instead of CL 2 if you raise the FSB higher than 106mhz. Even if you drop the ratio to 1:1 i.e. setting the memory speed at the same speed as the FSB.
I don't know if this is an issue as I can manually set the timings to CL2 when setting the FSB higher than 106Mhz and don't seem to experience any problems. Note this happens on both DIMMs, installed separately or together, therefore I doubt there is any problems with the
memory itself.

Any ideas?

My A7V <KT133 version> also does this with my Mushkin Rev2 at any speed, it seems to not read the SPD string right or something, it sets it at CL3 by default. I dont know if its just a poorly written SPD that doesnt have the info it should or if its just a problem with the A7V series reading that info.
Ok, you have 2 options (that I know of). The first is to set your fsb to 100Mhz and then raise it from windows using a program like CPUCool. This way you get the higher memory settings and the desired bus speed. The other way is to set your fsb to whatever you want and then change your memory settings to whatever you want from Windows using H-Oda's WCRPEdit (H-ODA.com). The second method is actually better because you can get even higher settings than are available in the BIOS. The optimal setting is 12 (offset 64 or something close... depends on which DIMMs you're using, but do some research anyway. The only problem with the second method is that you can no longer download WCPRSet from the site... this is the program that automatically makes the changes every time windows starts instead of you having to do it yourself... I can e-mail it to you if you need it though along with any other help you need on the subject.

What BIOS is on your mobo ?
I have 3 x 256MB Crucial PC133 CAS 2 sticks in my A7V133 and they're running just fine at 146MHz CAS2 right now. Others have their single sticks at up to 154MHz CAS2.

btw, I don't use the SPD autodetect, I set mine to the 7ms setting, gives 2-2-2.
Crucial may have conservatively rated their sticks, and ASUS is always conservative with default settings. I had the same happen on a ASUS CUSL2 board. 3-2-2, but it went 2-2-2 all the way to 143MHz, where the P3 pooped out, and on my KK266 the same stick does service at 2-2-2 @157MHz using the TurcBios. I get 630/690 Memory throughput - what a ride.

System Info:

A7V133 BIOS Ver. 1002a.1
x2 Crucial 128 PC133 CL2 DIMM's
1Ghz (Unlocked)

In response to some of the comments, I am able to manually adjust memory timings to 2 - 2 - 2 and have a very stable system when running FSB 133 and memory @133 2 - 2 - 2.
I was just surprised that SPD didn't detect it for me. And really to see if I have a problem or something that i can just ignore?