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CS and NFS U. What file to edit?

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Senior Member
Nov 6, 2003
Denver, CO
Ok i have CS and im trying to either do:
  • Increase the power of SMG
  • Replace 9mm bullets with nades so that whatever gun that uses 9mm will fire HE nades
  • increase the rate of fire of any gun

And for the Need For Speed Undergorund demo:

  • Increase power
  • Increase Grip
  • Unlimited N20

I have done many similar things to other games by just editing a file in notepad. I cant seem to find where I would go to do this. All the files I open are all symbols and a bunch of stuff i cant understand. So if anyone knows what file to edit and how for any of these games that would be great. Thanks.

Oh and for CS, im not being one of those @hole hackers, I play with bots on my own computer. The reason being:
  • 28.8 Kilobit internet connection
  • I cant download 1.5 or 1.6 so im still on 1.0

If anyone can help me out I would greatly apreciate it.


for CS, you'd have to edit the main DLLs. There's not going to be any human-readable file that you can edit that will allow you to do that sort of stuff...you'll need an editor of somesort, and I have no idea what language CS is written in.....try going to the counter-strike forums (www.counter-strike.net) and ask in the modding forums....they might be able to help you there.