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CS Server

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Jan 31, 2002
Ok I finally got my server up and running...now after about 6 people It really lags...I thinking I have to upgrade so waht do you think I should upgrade it to....

current specs
800mhz tbird @ 1000mhz
20 ATA 100 HDD
gf2 GTS 64mb
cable internet---1050 down/ 128 up

what should the upgrades be

Backing up the previous reply by ROBB23, 256 stick and a huge upload speed. The upload speed is especially in a server, specifically a game server.
Do you have the server running on Linux or Windows? You may be able to get a small amount of speed by using Linux. It uses less resources, is more efficient with CPU cycles and doesn't really crash that much. You should consider migrating although a large majority of servers still run under Windows.

the RAM........I'd got for even more than 512 total, go for 768 or a gig+ of ram.......IMHO

And the 128 upload isn't nearly enough...I've got twice that and hosting RS or UO still lags..
I think the biggest upgrade you could make would deffinently be more RAM, as ROBB has already said. But I think that your lag is more likely caused by your cable connection. That's not a great up speed to be running a server on.

Of course IMO.
Your major problem is your upload speed....if you want anyting more than 4 players you'll have to get that increased. I had 300K and it would lag like crazy up around 8-10 peeps. If you want a nice server you'll need at least over 700K upload.....better yet T1 speeds. The server specs are fine. you could run a server off a 300mhz rig if you wanted to it doesnt take that much processing power just the upload speed is always the weakest link.