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New Member
Jan 16, 2001
I have an AMD K7 athlon 600(slot A) mhz CPU and am looking to overclock it. I am using A6195 v1.87 BIOS and K7 Pro Motherboard (atx ir3) and running windows me as my OS. I have upped it to 651MHZ and it is working allright for now but as the tool man says more power. One problem I am having is that my voltage can post to 1.75v but the damn thing shuts off and needs a reboot but if I run it at 1.70v I dont run into as many problems. Is this common with AMD motherboards and chips?
Actually if I understand you're finding higher voltage = less stability. As far as I can see, the only reason for this could be temperature - increasing the voltage by just 0.05 will raise temps by a degree or two, and if your cpu is right at the limit of it's temperature tolerance that little increase could tip it over the edge. Double check the contact between the hsf and cpu - make sure the hsf is sitting flat and you are using a thin layer of thermal paste.

To test if it is temperature, run the comp with the case sides off, and next to an open window to get cool air in. This should have a pretty big effect on temps, and if it lets you run 1.75V that's the problem.