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Current Project

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Feb 19, 2002
Kansas City
This is my computer I am building. Before I order the parts I want you guys to think if I should sub out anything or put anything in.

AMD XP 1900+
512 Kingston PC2100 Ram
Radeon 8500 64mb DDR AGP Retail

( Any suggestions on a case? )
Big Tower Cheap but very moddable.
Why not get the new 8K3A Mobo? It has the KT333 chipset and is only $14 more than the 8KHA+.

Not sure about Kingston ram, I would get PC2700 ram for the above board, Kingmax or Corsair.

For a tower I would get an Antec or similar.
You could get a Lian-Li midtower for about $150. I would also go with a new kt333 mobo like nikhsub said. Good luck building!