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Custom loop not circulating

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blueballd ninja

New Member
Sep 12, 2016
So this is my first custom water loop attempt and i followed the sticky thread for beginners, but for some reason the loop is not circulating the fluid. before installing i flushed everything multiple times. I took it to the repair store in town and the guy there was trying to be as helpful as he could without having to take my computer in, he told me to add some more fluid in it, which i did and it didnt change anything. on my pictures i have one where the system is jumped and on and one where it isnt. I have this air bubble that sticks around in the line going to the reservoir/pump. Idk if i have some rookie mistake in here but if anyone can help i would be so thankful.

the loop goes pump>gpu>rad1>rad2>cpu>pump

rad2-240 slim
cpu-supremacy evo
gpu- fc 1070gtx
pump-XRES 140 DDC 3.2 PWM Elite
all of which are from EK. image1.JPG

- - - Updated - - -

yes ive tilted the case every which way, it screams when i tilt it too far and i can hear the whine when i turn it on
what tells you it is not pumping?

what header do you have the power plugged into?
that's good where it is.
it sounds like you have a little air trapped in the pump.
fill the res slam, bam full.
lay the rig so the tubes to and from the pump are up, bounce it around a little.
Check the settings of the pump in the BIOS and see if the pump is running at 100%. If that is not the case, make sure the CPU block's internal plate is set right and IN/OUT and if that doesn't work, I would take it all apart and check for blockage.

Also, to make your life easier, I would try and add a drain port at the lowest point of your loop.
i think they are all out finally!! you guys are awesome, thanks for the quick replys. i do have another question though, the coolant doesnt look like its flowing fast at all, but idk how fast its supposed to look like its going IMG_0339.JPG
all you should see is the last of the air bubbles, you should not see coolant move, perhaps a little jiggling at the top of the res.
boot to bios and read the cpu temp as it idles and be sure it does not climb.
temps stayed in the mid twentys at idle and didnt climb at all. everything looks good. thanks again you guys were a lot of help
Yes, make sure you do a complete leak test before powering everything up. Once that is done and you feel comfortable with it, than proceed to the BIOS.

If you're jumping the pump via PSU with no PWM signal, it should by default be at 100%. It could have been a very stubborn air pocket.
white toilet paper under all the fittings for a few hours with the pump running should be enough to check it for leaks, when you remove the paper, wipe all the way around each fitting and block as a final check..