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custom resevior question

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Aug 3, 2003
i'm making a custom resevior simply because it seems unreasonable to spend money on something as simple as a tank of water with an inlet and an outlet. Where can i buy a clear plastic tube? about 6" tall and maybe a 1/4" thick? will i have to special order something like this, or would the friendly folks at home depot have it?



Nov 30, 2002
i spent a while looking for something like that.. clear ones only come in like serveral feet, which makes them expensive, besides the fact you have to cut it.
they have 'some' things at homedepot that you can use, but they are not clear.. They have black/white/green pvc pipes from 1cm dia. to 1/2 foot i think. U might want to think about just buying some pipes with threads, they probably only have small sizes in homedepot collection, but its worth the ability to attach adaptors, fittings, and stuff..


Insatiably Malcontent, Senior Member
Jul 24, 2002
Seattle, WA
Eh, just got a with a T-Line. I'm happier with that than I was with my bayres. But if you refuse...you could try and get some acrylic and cut/glue it to make your own. I doubt it would look very good though...and places like Home Depot don't have terribly thick acrylic.