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Custom Watercooling Build, Question About Mixing Metals and Fluid

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Apr 3, 2018
Hello Tech community!

Thank you for taking your time to read this, it will really help me from making a bad decision.

I'm preparing a list of liquid cooling components for a loop I want to do. It will be my first loop, so I'm still researching and learning the DO's and DONT'S, so please forgive me if I come off incompetent in this area of PC building.

I'm housing my components in a Fractal Design Define R6 Case.

With that said, I've already have a basic understanding of what parts to get, I'm going with EK products for pretty much every aspect of the cooling solution, because to my understanding, having parts from the same manufacturer helps with compatibility over small things such as tubing and fittings. I'm a little bit concerned about the metals though. Particularly the radiators, blocks, and fittings. I will have black nickel fittings, and nickel plated blocks. The radiators will have cooper fins. I know the main metal to be aware of is aluminum. People always say that distilled water and a little bit of PT nuke would be fine, but I want to use the Primochill VUE fluid, the only reason I want to use it is because it is aesthetically pleasing, and I've seen people report that it does not gunk up your tubing as much as other colored fluids do.

I'm curious anyone has experience with the Primochill VUE fluid, and also if anyone knows how it would react between nickel and copper?
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:welcome: to OCFs.

If you're going with an all EK system which is great, stay away from their EK Fluid Gaming components since that's all aluminum and any colored fluids out there. Already starting to see complaints with the newest Vue fluid. Just stick with EK's clear fluid and their components and you should be fine.

Also, look for example at setups with said case to save you time, money and headaches.