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cutting a swath down the mid where the core is.

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Jun 4, 2001
Comparing the Gladiator w/ the SK6, i still have to think that having the empty spot down the middle where the core is can't be helping the SK6 any. Anyone have thoughts on this.

One of the reasons i like the Gladiator/Golden Gate is that the clip goes between fins and not thru an empty spot in the middle, hence allowing for more fins right above the Core.

To me this hs makes sense, we all know about the inaccuracies of the In Socket thermistor and other ways of measuring temps, it's nice to have a HS that makes sense as well as cools well. the Swiftech also has this advantage, no clip hence more area for pins.

any thoughts?
You have a very good point about the "dead zone" right where it is needed the most. I don't know why HS manufacturers do that, but then I don't care for any clip retention system all that much. A retention system that requires you to remove the mobo from your mid-tower every time you remove and put the HSF back on, in order to do it safely, is ludicrous. It might be easier in a full tower, but not everyone has a full tower.


from your post i'm understanding you don't like the clip retention system or the system used by swiftech (you don't like removing the mb etc.)

let me comment the clip on the Gladiator/golden gate (which i purchased at $19.98 shipped) is sweet. it is very easy, it doesn't require a lot of pressure because there isn't much flex.

check one out man. i recommend you spend the 20 bucks and get one for yourself. :)
Actually, though I did not say it, I love the Swiftech system. Sure you have to remove the mobo once, to install it, but after that, it is easy to use and difficult to screw up.

Danger Den uses a similar approach on their Maze2.

I think I saw an HSF somewhere that uses a "buckle" system, kinda like the latch on a toolbox. That's semi-sane at least. With the heavier HSFs out there recently, I'd worry about the high-side mounting lug breaking off, in a tower case, because the mobo is sideways.