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Cutting fan grills on case?

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Feb 27, 2002
I heard that by cutting the fan grills on the case (like the 1030) you would increase the airflow-in! If I cut both front grills maybe this will allow a little more airflow in the case? I would not want to cut the rear ones for now... The front will still have the plastic front cover for protection... Any ideas :)
It will certainly improve airflow.

Do a search for my thread entitled "Cooling-The Definitive Guide", I assure it will help!
I wuold provide a link but my internets seized up:( sorry!

Do a search! And please ask me any questions about cooling that you wish!! Either in that thread or PM me.

Nick "Maximus Nickus"
muddocktor said:
I usually cut them out and use a fan guard like the one below. They are pretty cheap and don't restrict the flow much at all.
Ill look into one of those grills, i seen them in chrome and gold .... next item to get :)

Maximus Nickus, the guide is great... i sent a pm to you too...

Manyother cases seem to have ventilation problems due to the grills that the case manufacturer puts there. SoI cut the grill off of both of mine (SX1030) and no results. I think there is no problems with the grill guards antec puts. Meaning I wasted 30 minutes of my time... Oh well!
Maximus Nickus said:
Every cooling setup has different benficial and non-benificial gains.

The only way is to try to find out.

Your absolutly right.... Im gonna cut them anyway since I definately dont think it would make it worse ... and logically seems like it could only help it a little...
but once there cut theres no going back:)
Cougar522 said:
well it wont hurt a thing and it will make it look cooler :)
Actually since im only gonna start with the front grills (behind the plastic cover) I dont think it will improve much for looks... But maybe for the back ones it will once I can get some nice chrome or gold grills on there .... :burn:
Could help with noise if not with cooling, removing that sharp stamped out edge that's very close to the fan will kill some noise, and adding a rounded wire grille on top, that will be spaced a mm or two further away won't add hardly any back.

Road Warrior