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CW conductive epoxy?

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Jul 3, 2001
Am I right in thinking that using a conductive epoxy would not be a good way of attaching a HS to my chipset?All I have is some Circuit Works conductive epoxy(also has heatsink properties)and can't wait any longer for something to be shipped.Also I need something for my vid card HS.Please let me know if this is not a good thing.
just be very careful when applying. IMO it's not worth
ruining a high end graphics card. maybe mask the GPU off
when applying the epoxy. also, the circut city epoxy may not
perform as well as Arctic Alumina.

hope this helps bro :p im tired must sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep
If you haven't ordered anything, ead on over to SVCompucycle and order some quality stuff. Thermal goops don't vary terribly (+/- 3°C from the avg), but I don't know if I'd trust a generic thermal epoxy. Here's a link to *** AS epoxy page. It's got some reviews, and I'd imagine that some of them compare AS epoxy to other thermal epoxies. I'd look thrlough them, but my brain is shutting down, and I don't know how to stop it.
That looks like more than the average thermal epoxy. Go for it. Just remember that it's conductive. which means a very thorough clean-up if you get any on the pins.
Good luck.

Edit: This Dvorak layout had better be worth it later on.
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