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D2 Help Thread

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Dec 9, 2001
Sarnia, Canada.

I just re-installed D2 Expansion and was wondering if any kind soul would give me a hand getting started. none of my RL friends play this anymore, so im all alone.

East or West, it dont matter. if you help me, ill help you whenever i can too. :)

man, i've got a ton of d2 exp. stuff that i could give.. REALLY nice items that i'd give to a fellow oc'er in need.. i'm on useast, my acct. is john_chambers1

what kinda charc are you making? soft/hard? lemme know PM me if you want.
thanks a lot, ill be on in a few minutes and ill make some chars to start off with.

i havent played in over a year, so ive got no idea what im doing really. :)

my account is themikester

yeah, i hardly have time to play much anymore, that and all the stupid duping really drove me away, but i've got a couple 80+ er's and my lvl98 sorc.. did i mention 100% legit godly items? :) i'm not sure i'll be able to get on tonight but we'll see.
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jeez man, if you do that'd be great! all im finding are people who want things to help me out. oh well, i guess that how things go eh?

i added you to my friends list, so ill see you on sometime.