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D3D faster then glide..?

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Dec 20, 2000
First off, dont tell me to buy something new, my family has a tough time getting groceries every month. So if you're gonna B**ch that it sucks, trust me i know.

was using a V3 2k at 162/162, and i got better framerates and better iamge quality in DX7 games (Everquest, Dues Ex, Unreal) then using the glide drivers. LIKE, WTF???

Glide has ALWAYS preformed better.
And please dotn tell em to buy a new vid card, i dont even have a mobo/proc rite now, and this v3 is better then a S3 trio card from 93, which is the onyl other vidcard i ahve. Has anyone else noticed this? does that happen on the V4/5's??

Or was it jsut the system? the specs are:
K6-2 500 Stock speed (intel celly cooler, ahaha)
(crappy)Jetway ALI Aladdin 5 mobo
192 megs ram
SB live! gamer
ol' ISA network card
6gig 66/7200 drive
V3 2k

I always do FULL INSTALLS, the other ones are for wussies. =)

Also, that's not my computer, someone elses using some of my stuff. It was better then the 486 he used be4 i got him that one.

Also, overclocking the card seems to give no preformance gains. When he got a GF2 MX for his Bday, there was alot of preformance gains there =P
My first video card was a voodoo3 3000 and it smoked in UT, but I ran into nothing but problems with drivers and the like, so I started with a geforce 256, not bad--but not superfast either (for the price). Bought this geforce 2 and what an improvement from both.

UT runs very well because the game engine was designed for Glide, mostly because 3dfx was the tops when it was developed... that's about all the voodoo3 can do very well, the newer cards just have more memory, faster memory, and more onboard processing power.

All good things must come to an end, and voodoo has seen its day.

"Changes aren't permanent, but change is..."
Yeah my friend was so happy to get his voodoo5 5500 and when he tested it out he was pissed by the tiny improvement. Go for a G2 ultra!
As to the original question as to whether D3d is faster than Glide, It's like comparing apples and oranges. Remember Glide is an old API origianlly written for the old voodoo architecture. There was a time when Glide supported more features than D3D and that's part of the reason it gained favor. The voodoo cards had features that other 3d cards didn't and since Glide was tied to that architecture so did it. That was a long time ago. Today D3D is far advanced beyond Glide and there's no reason for anyone to develop for Glide anymore. For newer games available today that even continue to support Glide it's probably added as an afterthought and the developers probably targeted D3D or OpenGL orignally. That could account for why D3D performance might actually be better than Glide.
if it's PCI, i might. Everquest was built for the glide API, but then they upgraded to dx7, so it still somehow likes the voodoo better (i've tried EQ with a radeon LE and a gf2mx, and a savage4pro, and it liked the voodoo the most)

I might get a PCI voodoo jsut for EQ, since it's not a FPS dependant game, until you start casting spells.