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Damaging my mobo

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May 29, 2003
*sorry if I cant give the exact names*

someone attached the monitor cord(old monitor) to my video output in my new ASUS mobo. The problem is the screws wouldnt fit so he forced it and now the screws are stuck and I cant remove the cord if I unscrew it.

So Im planning to saw of the parts that hold the screws, will this damage my mobo?

Im thinking, if its sawed off then I can attach a new cord and the screws arent that important anyway...or am I wrong. :(


Apr 25, 2003
Massachusetts, U.S.A.
Not a good idea Uber for a bunch of reasons. First, shutdown your rig and unplug the power cord. Next using a small tipped flat bladed screwdriver apply light pressure between the MoBo jack and the video cord. Use some needle nose pliers, preferably of a locking variety, and grab the end of the stripped screws and start turning them out while continuing light pressure with the screwdriver. If possible get a helper as this should make it easier. Remember to go slow, be patient and you should be able to remove the bolts without trashing you MoBo which is most likely what would happen if you tried to saw. Let us know how you make out.

Regards, Balrog