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Damn! now I broke a VooDoo!

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Shadow ÒÓ

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Dec 20, 2000
Pensacola, Florida USA
look at the pic....


if you look to the rightt of the card, there are 3 barrel shaped electronic thingies vertically. The middle one snapped off. 2 prong and looks to be made of aluminum. Black stripe around it. I could easily solder a new one back on, but not sure why. I broke it off lapping the GPU and decided to install it and test it anyway. Well I can't tell it's even missing, so now I'm wondering what it is.

The pic is actually of a VooDoo 2, but look very much like a VooDoo 3 3000 with a different HS. This is a VooDoo 3....


anyone know what I've broken and "should" I take the chance of burning up the board with 10 thumbs and a blow torch to solder it back on?
If it runs fine, by all means leave it alone. Just keep an eye on it in the future.
it's a capac, and lucky not surface mounted.

you can rebuild it on w/ some wires if the capac is still in tact, but if u need one, look on the broken one for a V and a uF value, and grab one at your local store. If u cant et it working, send it my way, and i'll solder her up for you. easy fix, and it matters what that capac controls. I think it's votlage, so DO NOT throw it into a sys without figuring out what it is. Email 3dfx about it..... or Nvidia, wahtever... if u want i'll fix it up for ya, send me a forum message. I have a V3 2k, so i can look around for the EXACT value
I took 7 resistors off the back of an athlon 650 and it still works fine :D

sometimes these things are safe gaurds.

But you never know, you may have just found the quickest and easiest voltage mod for the core in the world :D
it could also be an outbound voltage ID'er, so it could overvoltage your mobo.
run it in an old system for safetey.
to the guy that broke them resistors:
they are for limitng current flow. Of course if you take them off, it'll still work. the resistors INTERNAL of the core control Vcore, 'cause they are adjustable.
crossing the L bridges that control a Tbrid's Vcore just disables the resistors internal to the DIE.
Capacitors STORE and RELEASE current at intervals, like an EMI spectrum. Please be careful with capacs, because THEY control the stuff on a component.
Remove them, and beware.....
thanks for the responses folks....guessing it's ok as It's been running a week or better now just fine.

On the contrary tho! Loosing a voodoo is a huge deal! they are almost extinct and probably the best vid card ever made! hehe
i accidentally busted a capacitor off of a tnt2 m64 when i was changing the heatsink for one of my friends, after abotu 10 minutes of "oh crap oh crap oh crap" and a pack of smokes, we just tossed it into the pc and it sitll works just fine to this day, and it happend about 7-8 months ago