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Dang chrome orb...Help!11

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Jun 19, 2001
Marietta, GA, USA
I'm new to this type of thing so bear with me...

When I bought my T-Bird 900 it came with this crappy chrome orb lookalike hsf. (It may be a chrome orb But I can't get the thing off to check!!!)

I have declared the clip impossible to get off with just the human body. I have heard many people saying to use a screw driver of a pair of needlenose's. Thats all fine and dandy...but I honestly (ok quit laughing already!) don't see how to use them to pry that sucker off.

I have ordered a Millenium Glaciator and should be here within the next week. I wanna be prepared to slap that sucker on as soon as I get it so I can start safely overclocking. (My Idle temps right now are around 43, I think that they used some crappy thermal tape...)

Any ideas? Any How-to guides?

Anyway, if you have read this far thanks for bearing with my newbie self.
I'm glad you got it off man. Just found yer post. I think you made a good choice on the Glaciator. While waiting, make sure you have good airflow through the case. Good luck.
Most heatsinks are more difficult to remove than put on, Global Win's sping to mind as clips that aren't like this, I find the clip on the FOP's a joy to install and remove, sometimes with only one hand. Of course I've done a modification to it that has now made it the hardest clip to install and remove (to the heatsink fins) which I'll write up on as soon as I got the time.
Well, one of the problems with my case is that it is like a greenhouse...It is some crappy OEM case I had laying around. It isn't worth the effort to mod either. Which brings me to my next purchase, the InwinQ500....full tower with a couple fans for around 80 bucks. Plenty of room to work in. I will also mod it with 2 intakes on the side panel in addition to my dual 80mm's that are attached to the pci slots. (Did I mention that my temp above (43ºC) is with the side pannel OFF?)

If any of you can recommend a better case for the person with a budget...knock yourself out. I'd LOVE a Lian-Li70(I think it's called...?) but as of now they are too expensive for my taste(Hey, I'm 15 and earning this money from mowing lawns...Not the best money)