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Dang Psu problem driving me whacko

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Señor Senior, Senior
Oct 11, 2002
The Empire State
Ok here it is. I just bought a 460w Enermax from a friend stationed out in japan (Marines). Anyways the psu is ony 2 months old and used very little.
Specs . Well i got it a few days ago and I decided to switch it out with my 300w PC&C i've been using as a back up for my back up rig (Abit KR7A). The psu is for my new dualie system that's en route. Anyways i swap out psu's and i see the yellow LED on the mobo indication the mobo is getting power. I hit the power switch and nothing :eh?: . I take it out and try the jumper trick . At first it would'nt start up, but after a few tries it finally fired up. Ok, back into the case it goes. Again yellow LED and hit power switch, again no dam go :confused:

Yes the switch in the back is set to 110vAC. I snapped it back and forth a few times just to clear the connection.

Yes I have my power connectors it the right pins on the mobo.
Yes I took the psu out, jumper tricked it and she fired right up.
Yes I unplugged the ATX connector and made sure there are no bent pins.

Still no dam go. WTF am i missing here? Is this psu only used with japan's electricity?? :mad:

My friend will gladly reimburse me without any hesitation, but this dang psu is possessed or what?