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Danger Den Cooling Cube?

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Jan 5, 2001
I still have my Inwin Q500 case, abit kt7 board, amd 800mhz chip. Water cooling is much better than air :)
However I do not like the radiator stand I built outside my case. I like things to be neatly contained. Danger Den sells the cooling cube radiator. I have read the reviews on it but was wondering if any one has experience with it. Will it provide enough heat disposal for a 71watt TEC? I know surface area is the key for this, but again I am trying to create a self contained system and that cube or other similar size radiators will fit nicely above the power suppy.
I got one comming in... Going to run it with a 80w TEC and a P3 700...I figure that I'm going to be running 121.2w into my custom block...I'll post the attained results...
I've got a danger den copper waterblock and the copper cube, and with 2.2V and ambient temp of about 20C I get 41C max. If I open the window to let cool air in (it's about 0C outside) temps drop to 31C max (14C for chipset). Pretty cool :)

I think my temps are still a bit high, but that's cos the case is next to a radiator (only place I could put it) and the copper cube is on top of the psu - which of course gets hot (I've tried to insulate the base of the cube from the psu with corrugated cardboard, dunno how much that helps).