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danger den cooling

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Dec 31, 2000
hey guys- I have a water cooling setup consisting of danger den and leufkin components- my question is:

I have a 1200 mhz (266) thunderbird that I want to pust to 1.4-1.5 with the water cooling- would a 156 watt peltier do any good with a basic water cooling kit? Mr.Leufkin seems to think that the cpu would be putting out too many watts at that overclock and that the peltier wouldnt do much and suggested I might be better off thermal epoxying a 85W peltier to the side of the water reservoire to chill the water going through the system- any of you guys have experience with this type setup or advice for me?? thanks!
You may find what you need in “I finally pelted my Bird”. A 156 watt TEC works surprisingly well with DangerDen gear.
Hey jordan-

http://www.tedist.com sells some 24V 180W peltiers. If your up to buying/building a special PSU for it, it may be what you need. I'm going to give this a shot sooner or latter myself. But I'm waiting for Morgan to come out before I build my next system (unless I go SMP P3 before then).
Hey Jeff,
I was going to use a pelyier setup on my system but I couldn't find a 24v power supply with enough amperage. Do you know where to get one or a diagram that one sould build a psu from. I'm definately no electronics expert so any help is appreciated.