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Danger Den’s Z-Chip Block Review

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has anybody been "stuck" by their northbridge cooling? does this really help, or is it just for bragging rights?
Northbridge fans only add noise to the system. Also, a watercooled computer doesnt have a CPU fan blowing air accross the NB, so the NB might get hotter than normal, especial if it is passivly cooled to begin with.
heh, yeah, i checked the temp of mine the other day, on my 8k3a, the chip is 50c+ no fan, no cpu fan to blow across it....
i just threw a fan onto the one on my 8k3a+ and get 30-40c temps~ im only at 170-210fsb :p
(Oh yea~ i would use a chipset block but i ASE the heatsink on.... DOH....)