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dangerden waterblocks

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New Member
Dec 18, 2000
anyone have any opinions on the danger den waterblocks? Particularly the MAZE, I don't see how the MAZE-2 could be worth the extra $$.
I use a Maze waterblock with good results. It did not need to be lapped before installation and the construction quality was very good. I recommend them.
the regular one is great, the maze2 is just plain better. Plop the extra bucks down for it, the mounting bolts are so far superior to there very very good mounting clip they sell for the cheaper block. I have the amazing block, and like it, but wish i had waited for the maze2, it is just better at cooling.
no need to lap? I got my MAZE2 today and the bottom looked like it was straight off the machine, definetly needs a good lapping. But I got the bolts and everything and it looks like its very high quality.

Dennis laps them with 600 grit. They are true and flat. Nothing wrong with the stock finish.

I continue up to 2000 grit, using Artic Silver for lube on the final lap.
I had to lap my MAZE2, I spent an hour at it, going from 220 to 400 to 1000 -grit.... I got to the point where I could see my ugly mug in the thing. Except in the center, where there was a nasty low spot. But other than the little bit of extra work, I'm really happy with the block and Danger Den's service.

This is the first I have heard of a DD product that was not perfectly flat. I will also state that the Talisol HS that came with my 1333 Bird was more true than any Gobal Win, Alpha or CoolerMaster I have played with.
I just bought the Maze2-1. I liked the idea of using the 4 holes around the socket for securing the waterblock to the chip and it also comes with a coldplate and screws and all the hardware to mount it with yer pelt. It came to $61 with shipping so it wasnt a bad deal. The next step is going to be the cube if it will fit in my case.
the dangerden hold down system is definately the best way to do it. I have ordered the original maze, and i was extremely impressed with the quality. I would buy from dangerden any day.