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Danner Mag 7

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May 21, 2001
Can anyone tell me their experiences with this pump? I just hooked one up today and I'm *really* disappointed. I don't know if mine's defective, but the thing is quite loud (like an electric can opener) and it runs hotter than hell. Most importantly, running this pump inline I get no better temperatures than I had with a submerged Rio 180!! Clearly the water is moving faster, but I think the heat imparted from the pump is negating any advantage from the increased flow. Another possibility is that my small radiator just can't take advantage. Oh well, back it goes. Think I'll try an Eheim with less power. They're supposed to be quiet and cool runnin'.
Well i pretty much have only a few words to say about this pump, it rocks. If you look at procooling.com there is an article about how you can seal these pumps so there is no air or leakage. Also when you seal the pump it gets so quite that all you hear is the water flowing through the lines. If i were to take a guess i would say it runs at about 18-20 dba. As for the heat, maybe you just got a faulty one because i can leave mine running for weeks on end and its cool to the touch. You might want to get a falve to slow the water flow down a little or, you can do what i did and just use one of those light dimmer things that you can find at home depot so you control how much power is flowing to it and therefor what the gph is. But all in all this is an amazing pump
How would I go about getting the air out of the pump if that's the problem?

Thanks for the replies. I think the sealant may do the trick. If that works I'll also connect it to a rheostat--what a great idea! Much better than using a valve which puts more back-pressure on the pump and therefore makes it work harder. So ... y'all have been extremelely helpful!
Hmmm. I sealed the pump and it's *still* rattling away. Is this something that might go away over time as the air is gradually released, or is this pump just screwed up?
I'm thinking you have air inside the system somewhere. I had a my same setup on a 1.2Ghz tbird (with an unseen air bubble) and couldn't figure out why it was running hot, until i was taking it out and could see a huge bubble. that bubble was restricting flow, really badly. so..... next time i had the entire setup assembled, with my submerged pump running. while it was operating i turned the radiator every direction and shook it violently until no more air came out. i did the same with the waterjacket. now, that perviously very disappointing system is enough cooling for 1.4Ghz.

my air bubble was so big that i didn't see a bubble. it took up about 1 foot of tubing. i plan on ordering a danner mag 5 soon. that way i won't have to use a reservoir and can put everything inside my case.

good luck........
Well, what happened was that the pump had a small leak that I couldn't seal, no matter how much form-a-gasket I gooped on there. It got gradually worse until virtually all of the coolant leaked out through the pump, nearly killing my cpu. I know alot of people like the Danner pumps, but I'd sure as hell stay away from them. I'm not the only one who's had these problems with them, either. Should get my Eheim in the mail this week :)