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DDR heatsinks help crippled Duron

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Mar 15, 2001
Mt. Brudges, Ontario, CA
If you read some of my last posts you would know that my duron is cracked and it seams to have affected the maximum FSB i can get. So while poking around my system i found that my DDR was getting fairly warm @ 126MHz (don't have probe so i don't now exacts). I take out the stick and take the chips measurements, then it was off to the chop shop with a bunch of golden iodised 486 heatsinks :) once i had 16 of the damn things cut out, i decided that if i was guna do this that i would do a good job so i lapped them all!! MY POOR FINGERS!!! Now that they were all shiny, I put some past on the bottom and glued them on. On my first boot i hit 133FSB!!! I'll try to push this old duron to do more but i don't have high expectations.
before: Duron 700 @ 888 (7*126)
after : Duron 700 @ 933 (7*133)
Sohryu Asuka Langley (Aug 03, 2001 01:15 a.m.):
Shouldnt this have been "DDR Heatsinks help too warm RAM"?

Not realy cause there seams to be a short in my CPU core that is causeing the ram to heat up :( I tryed a friends athlon 1.2 in my system and we got the memory to 160!! (with heatsinks)