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Ddr-ii Vs. Ddr400

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Aug 27, 2002
I am building a new computer and would like an opinion on DDR memory. Should I wait ( Have Time ) for DDR - II or should I get a mobo now with unofficial support for DDR400 eg one with an SIS 648 chipset? If DDR-II does come out in the first quarter what kind of performance increase should I see. Is DDR-II even going to be released 1st quarter? I have searched the JEDEC site and have not found much info. on a release for the spec. . Are we going to see official support for DDR 400 from the chipset manufacturers this year or are they going to wait for the DDR-II standard? Any info is appreciated.


Jan 10, 2002
Dublin, Ireland
I think DDR-II will be a bit of a wait. Why not wait (a lot less then DDR-II) until you can get a Dual-DDR board for your CPU type, you can use normal DDR memory in it (as far as I am aware), and this will offer enough bandwidth for a P4/XP, even with PC2700 (DDR333) memory, so no need to buy the dear DDR400 stuff, just buy good overclockable DDR333.