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ddr mixing ( y/n)?

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"The man in black fled across the desert,
Mar 13, 2001
can you mix ddr 200 and 266? impretty sure no but wont hurt to ask

is 200 cheaper?

how do you tell what you got?

if given the choise would you go for 2*512 @200mhz
or 2*256@266mhz

would you pick a massive amount of sdram over less ddr
( for an athlon 1.2)
well first off ddr 200 is normally called pc1600, and ddr266 is called pc2100.

Yes you can mix, but it will only run as fast as the slowest chip.

Usually 200 is a little cheaper, but since so few people use it these days, it probably about the same.

Wether you need pc2100 or not depends on what speed your fsb runs at. Remeber ddr always runs at the same speeds as your fsb so if ran pc2100 at pc1600 speeds it would essentially be the same as plain old pc1600

You say you got a 1.2 athlon which means it could be either 200 or 266mhz fsb, that depends on your cpu is.

However most people will run there fsb higher and lower their multiplyer to get more memory bandwidth, so I would say go with pc2100 either way and overclock if your not already at 266.

And your last question, I would go for faster ram, since the only time you need over 512mb is in hardcore multimedia like 3d cad/animation, video editing and so on. Even then, I would still go for faster ram.

I went kind of fast, any other quetions?
well i was basicly going to get two 256s and migrate the 2 128s over to my toher computer ( that uses sd or ddr)

not sure thought

i guess i went a little power mad
i will not use that much ddr anytime soon and if i do buy it i wont have any money for games ( paradox)

i guess i ride it out for now

OH and thanks for you response it was very informative
Well, you can always *try* to run pc1600 at pc2100, if your bios allows you to do manual settings. Keep in mind that you are overclocking your ram if you do it, even more so if you overclock your entire computer.
no im not going to mix them after all

im not that brave

i have 1 mobo that can take sdram or ddrn ( useing sd right now)1*256

and i have one that just takes ddr 2*128

i was going buy 2*256 ddr and put it in my computer then take whats in there now and move it to the sdram comptuer

( does that make sense)

anyway im probably not going to do it since i broke and have no job ( for now i got a job as soon as my drug test pass's at the home depot pluming section)
To tell if one chip is PC1600 and PC2100 just look at the chips. They usually must have a number to the right. This number is chip timing. If its lower than 7.5 you have a PC2100, if higher then you have a PC1600.

This number is the access time in nanoseconds (ns), that will be 1/1,000,000,000 (or 1*10^-9 s).....if you want to know the approximate limit of a chip you have to divide 1000 with the memory access time and you'll have a rough idea of what the chip will be capable to do.

10 ns ------> 1000/10=100 MHz
7.5 ns -----> 1000/7.5=133 MHz
6 ns -------> 1000/6=166 MHz
5 ns -------> 1000/5=200 MHz

if you are using DDR only multiply this figure to obtain the actual memory speed.
just get pc2100. The price really isn't all that different. PC2100 should work in machines that ask for pc1600, too.