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ddr voltage

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Feb 23, 2002
Upper Michigan
I'm clueless as to how to use the ddr voltage settings available in bios. When would you change the ddr v and why? What, if any, is the downside of raising the voltage?
xl said:
Rasing the voltage allows higher speeds of the ram, while creating more heat :(

Yes, but when would you raise the voltage? If I'm at 150 fsb, and am slightly unstable, and running most aggressive ram timings, would raising ddr voltage help? Not really sure when to use this setting.
Set your voltage for the DDR RAM at 2.7 in the BIOS which is the highest setting without a RAM volt mod. Running this voltage on the RAM can help stablize your system.

Vio or Vdimm mods... I need 'em

Doctor? More voltage for my DDR?