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DDR worth the wait?

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Apr 9, 2001
Via DDR mobo's will probably be out ~febuary/march. maybe even april

Palomino's are out by march

It'll be almost june before we hit the 2nd revision boards and get all the kinks worked out. Is all the wait worth another 10-20% performance increase? Considering you can get a ghz T-bird now with a solid MB and PC133 ram?
Good question. It depends on your needs and your current setup. The new VIA KT133A chipset might be worth checking too. There are some articles on the main page covering this issue.
I'm caught up in the same dilemmia right now. I'm really tired of my C400. I'm chosing not to wait for a DDR mobo; the wait is too long for me. I'm really impatient. = )
I figure, even when the DDR mobo comes out.. I'll still have to buy the new memory. That memory is not going to drop in price, like SDRAM, for a while....
Just letting you know what I've decided to do. Good luck to you!
I'm personally gonna switch to a KT133A board when they come out in January (SICK of my KT7-R niggles) and wait for the second DDR revision boards to come through June/July. The KT133A boards give a decent boost to overall system performance anyway, and I'd prefer stability to 'absolute' performance anyhow....

DDR not worth the wait

I really don't think DDR is worth the wait at all. The new DDR motherboards won't be out for several months, and even when they come out they will be higher priced than older KT133/133A boards. Then, you'll need to buy a whole bunch of new DDR memory, which is going to be priced sky high when it first comes out. The prices on DDR will not ease until a steady supply comes to the market to satiate the demand.

Right now you are looking at around $200 for 128 MBs of DDR SDRAM. So if you want 256 MBs, you'll have to drop $400. Add in another $150 (or more) for the motherboard and you're up to $550. That is waaaaaay too much for a 10% increase in performance. If you want a 10% increase, over what you have, just spend that money on a processor. You can grab a 1.2 GHz Athlon for $275! Or you can try to overclock to it (although your liklihood of hitting 1.2 is probably pretty low). Either way, depending on what processor you have now a 1.2 GHz will probably be more than a 10% performance increase.
i'm dieing for the 760. if for nothing else but to free up some room to OC more.

My vapochill comes tomorrow and i'll easily hit the max of 12.5 multi and 109bus (A7V).

Yeah I agree with some of those posts above recommending the KT133A chipset. The performance seems to yield very close results to an AMD 760 platform. Not bad and cheaper I guess especially with the fact no DDR ram is needed.

Anandtech.com did a review of a KT133A based board today for those who haven't already checked anand's site..
I think that a KT133A running at 150FSB will beat the pants of AMD760 setups. I cna't wait till I get one :)