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DDR2 Memory Compatability

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New Member
Mar 13, 2002
I just want to confirm something, hopefully I am not wrong :-/

My Asrock mobo takes DDR2 667 memory. I can get DDR2 800 at a decent price and it's available. Will the DDR2 800 memory work?

Voltage is not a issue as I am looking at 1.9V. I am thinking the DDR2 800 would be fine.

Someone may want to correct me if I'm wrong, but...

I'm fairly sure that if you put 800Mhz RAM in, it won't really make a difference, and it should work.

It will either A) "downgrade" so that it runs at 667Mhz, or B) Will just run at whatever your bus speed is.

Now, this is pretty much dependent on your motherboard. I'm not really familiar with any ASRock boards, so I'm not really sure what kind of options you have in your BIOS.

But all that aside, it should work, it just probably won't run at 800Mhz as it should (unless you do some tweaking in your BIOS/overclock).
right... running faster rated ram in a board that only supports 667. will force ddr2-800 or higher to run at 667.
Yup, looks like I should be ok. My main issue here is availability of the DDR2 667 and price.
I don't expect the the mobo to run higher than spec because of higher spec memory; that's an unrealistic expectation IMO.