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DDR4 ram 3600Mhz cl16 team-group

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Apr 30, 2024
Hello,i have an asus rog strix x570-e gaming mobo and a ryzen 9 5950x cpu
gpu rtx 3090fe.
Now i bought a ram set from overklockers uk 2x16GB 3600Mhz cl16-16-16-38 @ 1.35volt
First i ran it in auto,now in docp and ran cpu-z,but the bank cycle time doesnt match???
I also ran thaiphoon burner and ryzen dram calculator but i dont know what to do,
i dial in the numbers in the overklock section of my mobo,do i set the memory on docp or manual
and than dial in the numbers?
Than u have memory settings in the bios also,i upped the voltage but did nothing so please
where do i start??? kind regards
t-forcedarkprocpuZ.jpg t-forcedarkprocpuZ0.jpg
Unigine benchmarks are old and, in most cases, useless. I only use some tests from Superposition, like the 8K benchmark, but they're not really good.
I don't know anyone who ever submitted results to their website. Some years ago, people were posting screenshots on hwbot, but that's about it.
3DMark for 3D tests, but RAM doesn't affect results much.
Cinebench 2024 or Blender for rendering (CPU+GPU) benchmarks.
AIDA64 for synthetic RAM bandwidth/latency tests.
There are many more, but those few are enough for most things.
I mean benchmarking for the whole system,i came by a site called userbenchmark.com and u have 2
download it but i searched the web and people saying that it is not thrustworthy???
Aida 64 is payed Woomack,or can u use it for free?
I am not a favorite of free,because free is that u are the product...
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Question: i have most of my pc hardware brand asus so now i have some apps one called RamCacheIII
i didnt googled it but should u use it and why or why not and what does it do???
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User benchmark is MEH. I wouldnt use it either.

What is your goal here with all this testing? To make sure it's running right?? Just run what woomack said. Don't overcomplicate things my excitable friend.

i didnt googled it but should u use it and why or why not and what does it do???
..........it's a RAMcache application just like the name says. Basically, it cuts a slice of RAM out to use as ultra-fast storage. I don't use it/wouldn't use it.
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And what is ure score or ranking?
I'm out of town for a bit, but I might start some benching threads (in the Benching section) when I get home.
Your system (R9-5950X & RTX 4090) can not be compared to mine (R7 5800X3D & RX 6800XT) in benchmark scores because they are so different from each other.
There is nobody on the Unigine web sites. If you are looking to push your system -> go to HwBot.org