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DDR5 overclock help 2 options

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New Member
Jan 2, 2022
I bought alderlake cpu 12700k z690-wifi and corsair dominator dd5 5600
c36 36 36 76

i saw there is a same kit with 6200mhz. So i tried overclocking mine to get the Same speed

i got my xmp timing working bij just upping the voltage to 1.3v and have it running at 6000 mhz now

what do you Guys recommend keeping this or mij second try i used the timings of the other Kit

36-39-39-76 now at 6200mhz 1.31v

is it worth changing the timings for 200 mhz more

I doubt you will see any difference out of benchmarks but you can try something like:
6200 CL32-34-34 1.35-1.40V
6200 CL34-34-34 1.35-1.37V
6400 CL34-34-34 1.35-1.37V
6400 CL34-36-36 1.35-1.37V
6600 CL36-36-36 1.37-1.40V
6600 CL38-38-38 1.35-1.40V

I have G.Skill 6000 CL36 but if you could set your kit at 6000 then the IC should be about the same. I could run my kit without stability issues at 6200 34-34-34 or 6600 38-38-38. It's hard to guarantee anything as there are differences between motherboards and other things.

For sure the higher clock will be faster, but as I said, you probably won't see the difference in daily work/gaming.