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Dead cruncher

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Jun 17, 2001
right behind you...
I always pop in with crappy news... hmm.... :(

I was testing out a load of HSFs this morning and playing with the TBird 1.4 system at the same time. Slipped a heatsink on and let it run while disaasembling a dead monitor. Heard a crash and thought I broke something on the monitor. No such luck. The HSF had fallen off the socket behind me. As I turned around, I saw the screen go black. And we all know what that means with a Tbird, right? She's blown. Didn't melt anything, though, and the core is still nice and pretty... for a keychain, anyway.

I've been looking for an excuse to move to an XP/DDR system and I guess I've found one. :rolleyes:
wow man, that's really crappy. but good things come from those screw ups. I just spilled cream soda root beer on my pIII 700 laptop. If it doesn't work i'm turning it in for a new one. Gotta love Dell :)
Bummer news GF...I hope you get a newer faster system online soon! :)

PS - Jon...isn't that the third "accident" you've had with your Dell laptop this year? ;)