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dead mb?

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Jan 3, 2001

if my mb is dead, wdn't the cpu and other items not be getting any power? I can't figure it out - the cpu is getting current, everything spins up, but no sync to video, and no beep.

It's an iwill ka266 with a bunch of epoxy holding down a piece of metal where the center lug for the heatsink used to be. I suspect the metal is shorting the mb, but if it were shorting it, wdn't I not get any power at all?


If the metal is shorting the mobo, it'll only be shorting parts of the mobo to other parts - not to the case. Obviously this isn't good for the mb, but it does mean that power would still be flowing through the components, and parts of the mobo might even still be working properly. If the problem only started after epoxying the metal to the board, that'll most likely be the problem, so your only bet would be to pull the metal off if you can and see whether everything still works (just try it briefly holding the hsf down as best you can. Then try to work out another way of fixing the hsf - it may be the metal was actually touching the board, so you could apply a thin layer of epoxy, wait for it to dry, then glue the metal to the epoxy, to stop it contacting the board.
thx man, i'll give it a whirl. I'll need a goddamn jackhammer to get the metal out. :(.