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Dead Mobo/CPU?

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Mar 18, 2002
Well, I just recieved my Orb1+ and XP 1700+ in the mail for my ECS K7S5A. The other day I put it all together and it ran for about 3 minutes and then the fan on the orb died so I had to get it replaced. Today I put in a new 400w power supply and kept everything the same but now it starts up, but I only get a black screen. What can I do to fix this, or how can I find out what's dead. The power supply isn't really a factor because I have two and they both show the same thing. It doesn't seem that the CPU is dead because while it idles when I turn it on, the CPU does heat up but im not sure what else could be wrong. Theres only two jumpers and those won't affect this. Any help appreciated.
hi, welcome to the forums nsimbu!

I'd have to guess that your CPU fried itself when the fan died- the things are quite fragile. If the fan died and you didn't notice it for longer than a minute or so, it's probably cooked.

Do you get any beeps from the BIOS when you boot up? If it's just the CPU the mobo will tell you, but if the mobo is dead you won't hear anything. Lights go on, fans spin, monitor stays black. I would think the culprit is your CPU, not the mobo, but anything can happen with this stuff.
Well, the computer doesn't tell me anything at all, no beeps, text, or anything. So this may mean the motherboard? When the fan stopped i noticed it as soon as it stopped so I highly doubt I fried the CPU, but thats just me. I looked all over the motherboard and can't find anything damaged and such.
not much to do know except test individual components- hopefully you have a spare AMD mobo test the CPU on, just to make sure? Sounds like you did indeed keep the CPU from cooking, which means it's probably the motherboard:(.

make sure the CMOS jumper is not in the 'clear' position- I do that a lot, it's worth a look I guess. Might want to tear down and rebuild the whole system- stuff gets jostled sometimes.

I don't know, can't think of much else. Hope you have warranty!
Bad news is that Athlons can fry in about 8 seconds. Only way to really find out is to test the components separately with other gear.
Unfortunately, quite often there is no way to tell by looking if the CPU is fried, particularly if it happened quickly.
There shouldn't be a problem with using his components as long as the HSF is attached properly.
Well I tested my CPU on another motherboard and vise versa and have determined it is the CPU that was dead! I guess my guesses that it was the mobo were completly wrong. Thanks for your help in determining this guys. It's all cuz of this Orb1+ fan that died on me :mad: